• Weekly Halaqaat :- there are ongoing classes every Saturday By Sheikh Saeed Noman to enlightens the community on topics such as Fiqh, Quran Hadith and much more.

The Halaqa is open for both brothers and sisters. The classes inshaAllah will resume after Ramadhan.

  • Weekend Quran Classes: – with the help of hardworking teachers, Rahmah Centre provides the community with an amazing opportunity and a good environment for the kids and anyone who is interested in learning the Quran. We have qualified teachers and also take the students to learn under different teachers with respect to their level determined by the Education chair and his amazing team of teachers.
  • Tutoring Program: Do you need a homework help? Finding it hard to understand what is being taught in classes? and would you like a one-on-one session to help you achieve the grade you want? Are you confused in University and not sure what program to take? Do you need a mentorship and advice from professionals? Come to the Rahmah Centre where we help Students from Kindergarten to University regardless of what course they need help with. Sign up now and we will be ready to help you. To sign up please fill up the following form TUTORING REGISTRATION FORM   if you have any question dont hesitate to contact by phone at 306-781-2016 or by email at communication@rahmahcentre.com