Who are we

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Rahmah Centre opened Its doors April 19. 2014 with the help of brothers who came together to help the Regina community with beneficial services. The brothers saw the need to have a centre established because of the interested received after holding Saturday Halaqah.
Rahmah Centre is proud to continue to serve Regina community for the sake of Allah ((swt) and attend to the needs our community. All Praises are due to Allah (swt), the dedication and the commitment of our members and fellow Muslims have driven this institution forward. The centre provides faith, support, knowledge and counseling for all Muslims in Regina and surrounding areas. Rahmah Centre is an independent, non-profit religious organization, incorporated in 2014.
Rahmah Centre is founded and governed by the principles outlined in Quran, the book of ALLAH (swt) and the actions and teachings of Prophet Mohammed, Peace be Upon Him.

  • To encourage a Muslim identity among Muslims in Saskatchewan.
  • To have peaceful dialogue with people of other faiths.
  • To be non partisan encouraging unity among Muslims.
  • To address misconceptions that the wider society may have about Islam.
  • To be non political.
  • To develop Muslim youth to be active participants in society.

Rahmah Board

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Businesses often become known today through effective marketing. The marketing may be in the form of a regular news
item or half column society news in the Sunday newspaper.

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please contact us if you would like to volunteer.